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In the Netherlands, the lockdown has been extended for another three weeks, which results in the fact that retailers need to keep their shops closed for another 4 weeks. In general most parts of the EU are in lockdown. To help one another, we have conducted a list with a few sales tips. If you have any tips yourselves, and you would like to help your fellow retailers, hit us up and sent an e-mail to We’ll make sure your tip(s) will be added afterwards.

#1 Social media

Don’t own a webshop, but would you really like to make use of online sales? Try selling via your social media channels. Post a photo of the item on Facebook and/or Instagram (or any other preferred social media channel) and let a customer reach out if they’re interested in your product(s). As a next step you come to an agreement to deliver the products to the customers by yourself or to send the items. Don’t forget to make a photo which you can post online to encourage other customers to purchase.

#2 Personal delivery

Come to an agreement who is willing to deliver packages to customers. To make it a bit more easy and doable, you can set a maximum radius of the venue of the store. Don’t forget to include a nice handwritten thank you card to give to your customers when delivering the goods. It is also a good idea to shoot a photo of the delivery to motivate other customers to do the same.

# 3 ‘Window shopping’ version 1

It is most likely that you are familiar with the term window shopping. Eye balling items in windows but not actually purchasing something. There is a twist to this ‘new’ concept, now you do purchase items. How? Here’s how to: make a (weekly) selection of items you would like to portrait in your window shop. Then, for example, list the items with numbers and put a list of all the listed items on the side. Include your telephone number, via this way the customers can easily order items by just mentioning a number. You can combine this tip with tip #2.

#4 ‘Window shopping’ versie 2

Another option, if you do have a webshop, is to again put items in your window shop but this time you place QR-codes next to them. The QR-codes lead your customers directly to the correct webshop page. With a QR-code generator you can easily generate one. For example, via this website:

Good luck!

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